SER Heat and Utility Updates and Quick Facts

State Emergency Relief (SER) heat and utility assistance is one of the benefits that we screen for on through the Key Benefits Screening. As the weather gets colder, we find that low-income older adults can get behind on their heat and utility bills. SER is a quick and easy application that can be submitted year-round for heat and utility assistance through MI Bridges. Here are some quick facts about heat and utility assistance through SER:

* Eligibility for SER and the amount that is covered is based on household size, income, and assets.

* Eligible applicants can receive one payment each fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) for each utility: water, heat, and non-heat electricity.

* SER can pay up to $850 per fiscal year for heat emergencies for natural gas and other fuels, or up to $1200 for delivered fuels.

* SER can pay non-heat electricity up to $850 per fiscal year.

* SER can pay up to $125 for water emergencies per fiscal year.

* SER can pay up to $200 for reconnect fees per fiscal year.

In MI Bridges, there is an option to refer a client to a MEAP (Michigan Energy Assistance Program) agency when applying for SER. This is a critical benefit and can further help the client to pay off their utility emergency and find ways to avoid the emergency in the future. MEAP agencies may serve clients outside of their physical location, so if the agency is available in MI Bridges, then it is available to the client.

If you have any questions about SER for heat and utilities, call the MiCAFE call center at 877-664-2233, or comment below.

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