Coordinated Questionnaire – Shelter Expenses Help

Can I include expenses if they are in someone else’s name?

Expenses may not be considered if they are not in the name of one of the SNAP applicants. If an applicant is paying for something that is in a different person’s name, they can submit a signed document (signed by both the applicant as well as the person on the bill) stating that the applicant pays for it.

Why is the Home Heating Credit important?

For individuals who have their heat included in their rent, they will not receive the Heat and Utility Standard Deduction of $526 unless they apply for the Home Heating Credit and receive over $20 from that credit. This credit can make a large difference in food benefits. The application can be completed through September 30th and there are many tax help sites around the state if your location cannot help with the application.

What kinds of documents are necessary?

It is ideal to have documents to back up every expense that is listed. Often DHHS is unable to apply a credit for the deduction if there is not documentation to back it up.  * A bank account cannot be used for documentation for anything other than to verify that account. It cannot be used to prove income or any expenses.

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