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Hello everyone,

We are doing a follow up regarding the LIHEAP payments for SNAP recipients who have utility cost rolled into their rent cost.  As of today’s date, letters have gone out to many SNAP households. We have had several questions regarding this benefit and we would like to take this opportunity to address some of these questions so that we are all informed.

Q –  Why did I receive this letter? What does it mean?

A – Anyone receiving this letter will receive a one time LIHEAP payment on their bridge card of $20.01. Instructions are provided on how to access these funds and these funds cannot be used toward the purchase of food. The effect of this LIHEAP payment is that the amount of your SNAP benefit on your bridge card may increase in the next month or two.

Q – How can these funds be used if my utilities are rolled into my rent?

A – These funds must be used for utility expenses. Please remember to keep receipts in the event you are asked to provide supporting documents to verify the expense.

Q – I did not receive a letter, however I already received money from the Home Heating Credit this year. Why did I not receive a letter?

A- You did not receive this a letter because you received over $20.00 from the Home Heating Credit this year. As a reminder, Home Heating Credit funds are LIHEAP funds, and therefore you have already received the benefit.

Q – I did not receive a letter about LIHEAP from MDHHS, and I have heat rolled into my rent. What can I do?

A – The LIHEAP payments is designed for SNAP recipients who have heat expense rolled into their rent cost and have not received the Home Heating Credit. If you have not received $20.01 or the Home Heating Credit, and have not received any information about the $20.01 LIHEAP payment, please call MiCAFE. We are working with MDHHS to identify individuals who should have received this benefit, but have not.



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