Day: March 20, 2020

Hoarding Part 2: The Do’s and Don’ts of Decluttering

By Betsy Smith, Network Partner Manager at Elder Law of Michigan People with hoarding disorder are emotionally attached to their belongings and cannot set priorities and make informed decisions. Therefore, they can compromise their safety and relationships just because they are afraid to throw anything away. When the well-being of the affected individual is in danger hoarding […]

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Hoarding Part 1: How Did We Get Here?

By Betsy Smith, Network Partner Manager at Elder Law of Michigan The cause of hoarding is not clear, but what we do know is that it is becoming more of a commonly discussed topic and is an emerging issue with the aging population. In fact, in 2013, hoarding was classified as a mental illness. According to the […]

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Coronavirus Scam Alert

By Grace DeRose-Wilson, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan All disasters have something in common. From hurricanes and tornadoes to pandemics, any time the normal operation of daily life is disrupted people pull together and pitch in to help each other survive. Unfortunately, scammers also try to take advantage of people during these […]

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Why is the Census Important?

By Grace DeRose-Wilson, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan How do communities get funding to provide services? How is the number of seats each state receives in the House of Representatives determined? How are congressional and legislative districts drawn? The answer to all of these is the census. From road construction to housing […]

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Why You Should Shop at Farmers Markets

By Nicholas Goodman, MiCAFE Network Specialist at Elder Law of Michigan What do cherries, pickles, and beans have in common? They are just a few of over 300 commodities produced in Michigan according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. Michigan has a rich agricultural past and present. You can take advantage of local […]

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Addressing Transportation Needs for Older Adults and Individuals with Disabilities

By Grace DeRose-Wilson, Screening Integration Coordinator at Elder Law of Michigan About 90% of adults 65 and older want to age in-place according to AARP. There are many reasons older adults don’t want to leave their homes and communities as they age. Maybe they have friends and family in the area, or maybe they are attached to […]

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